Scrubber Dryer

​​Ghibli FR15 Series
Specifications all models:
  • Cleaning Width 385mm
  • Squeegee Width 450mm
  • Solution Tank 15 Litres
  • Recovery Tank 17itres
  • Dimensions 400 x 360 x 1150 mm
  • 12 Month Warranty
Specifications for different models:
FR15M38BC Battery Version
  • Run time up to 1 hour
  • Recharge time up to 8 hours

The Ghibli FR15 Series Scrubber Drierers have compact dimensions and an attractive slim size for easy access to “hard to reach” areas.
The FR15 works by releasing a cleaning solution through the centre of a brush or floor pad then mechanically scrubs the floor surface while simultaneously drying the floor with the suction squeegees. The floor will be left instantly dry safe to walk on while being left ultra clean. Scrubber Dryers are the future of floor cleaning Mops and traditional methods cannot compete with the level of cleanliness the machine can offer.

​There are 3 models available FR15E38 mains powered version plus 2 battery powered options, the standard FR15M38BC with a 1 hour runtime plus 8 hour recharge time or the FR15M38BC Long Run which offers up to 2 hours run time and a superfast recharge time of 90 minutes.

  • Essential Floor Cleaner 5 Litres £9.00
  • Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5 Litres £12.50
  • Catering safe floor cleaner £10.25
Price: From £1995.00 +vat​
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