Ride on Machines

​​Ghibli Runner R 150 FD85
  • Cleaning Width 850mm
  • Solution Tank 150 Litres
  • Recovery Tank 160Litres
  • Dimensions 1850 x1020 x 1380mm
  • ​Driving speed 6km/h
  • Noise level 67dB(A)
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Essential Floor Cleaner 5 Litres £8.50
  • Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner 5 Litres £11.75
  • Catering safe floor cleaner £9.50
  • White standard brushes £34.67   (2 required)  

   Runner is the new Ghibli & Wirbel’s ride-on scrubber dryer. Sturdy, powerful and extremely reliable is the ideal machine for any kind of cleaning task, above all the long and heavy ones. Remarkable scrubbing width, combined with high productivity (up to 5000 m²/h) guarantees the perfect solution for large are cleaning. Excellent cleaning performance thanks to adjustable down pressure (three steps, up to 89 Kg down pressure) and detergent action (chemical mixing system); wide and reactive squeegee for top drying results on every kind of surface. Everything in Runner is designed to ensure efficiency and comfort; all the main functions of the machine can be easily managed by intuitive control panel; the easy access from both sides, and the perfect visibility while working, guarantee comfort and ease of use even during long and hard working session. 


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