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Ghibli AS 590 I Industrial

The Ghibli AS 590 I is a powerfull industrial strength Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner, capable of carrying out the toughest of cleaning tasks. With a built on trolley for easy manoeuvrability plus a very durable stainless steel construction with high filtration and HEPA option  Heavy duty tool kit included.

  • Made in Italy
  • Power 2300 Watt
  • Container Capacity 56 Litre
  • Bag Capacity 19 Litre
  • Air flow 100 Litres/second
  • Vacuum 190 mbar
  • Sound level 65 dbA
  • Cable length 7.5 Metre
  • Weight 21.3 Kg
  • Dimensions 610 x 520 x 920 mm
  • Tilting container for ease of emptying
  • 12 month Warranty

Numatic HZQ370-2

The Numatic International range of HZ vacuum cleaners has been specifically designed to meet stringent requirements of industries where it is necessary to vacuum dusts that could constitute a health hazard.
The total design concept has been to provide a series of vacuum cleaners that meet an absolute 99.97% filtration efficiency when carrying out any specialist operation.

Numatic HZQ750-2

Advanced Filtration & Cyclonic – HZQ750-2
The 750 series of “H” specification machines has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of industries where it is necessary to remove dust that could constitute a health hazard and, as such, the total design concept has been to provide a choice of machines that meet an absolute 99.97% filtration efficiency.

The power head is of all-steel construction and is available in a choice of one or two motored construction. The HEPA filter units are securely mounted on their steel module with separate primary pre-filter mounted within the main container and the machines are designed to use our giant Hepaflo dust bags to ensure easy, clean and safe emptying.

  • Motor - Twinflo
  • Power - 230V AV 50/60Hz
  • Motor Power - 1200 W
  • Airflow – 45 L/sec
  • Suction  – 2600 mm
  • Capacity  – 35 L
  • Cleaning Range - 26.8 m
  • Weight  - 19.8 kg
  • Size – 510x510x960mm

Numatic NTD750-2

NTD-750 is dedicated to producing a standard industrial vacuum cleaner that will provide totally reliable performance in all standard industrial applications. Be it boiler cleaning, floor cleaning, machine maintenance, high level cleaning, metalworking, dirt, dust or debris, it will take it all in its stride as standard.

The exclusive Structofoam power head incorporating two Twinflo’ bypass motors provides exceptional performance and the Nucable replaceable cable system is standard, allowing quick cable replacement in the event of accidental damage.
Two large, standard filters ensure that what goes in stays in and, in addition, giant additional Hepaflo dust bags are available.

  • Motor 2xTwinflo
  • Power 230V AV 50/60Hz
  • Motor Power 2400 W
  • Airflow 80 L/sec
  • Suction 2500 mm
  • Capacity 35 L
  • Cleaning Range 26.8 m
  • Weight 22.8 kg
  • Size 510x510x960mm