​​Nilfisk VP300 HEPA
  • Motor 900W
  • Energy Efficiency C
  • Sound Level 67db
  • Capacity 10 litre 
  • Cable Length 10 metre 
  • Weight 5.2kg
  • Warranty 2years
  • A range of accessories supplied with the machine as seen
  • Nilfisk Bags Pack of 10 £9.82
  • Scented bag pellets pack of 2 £1.00
    The unique feature of VP300 HEPA is the strong filtration combined with the cleaning capacity of 900w motor. The HEPA filter ensures a higher quality of air is maintained within the cleaning environment and the 900w motor provides an exceptional and efficient cleaning performance.

With a sound pressure of just 50 dB(A), it makes this vacuum suitable for daytime cleaning of offices, reception areas, hospitals and other noise-sensitive areas, as it causes minimum disturbance to people who are within the cleaning vicinity.

Price: £157.50 +vat​
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