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The world’s most compact and manoeuvrable scrubber drier that outpaces anything that currently exists. The i-mop can clean as fast as the user can walk and is able to effortlessly go where no other scrubber dryer can, even up hill. This is the first floor cleaning machine which offers the cleaning performance and speed of large ride on floor scrubbers whilst giving the flexibility of a mop.

The i-mops ease of use and great performance means its up to four times quicker than mopping. On a test in a school we saved 10 minutes cleaning a Science Lab with the i-mop compared to mopping the floor. The same cleaner has 5 labs and a corridor to clean each evening, we estimate that there could be a saving of almost 300 hours a year and they would also achieve better results using the i-mop. Don’t miss your chance to enhance your cleaning operation, book a FREE site survey and demonstration with CVS to see the i-mop in action for yourself.

Meet the

TV showing the i-mop video
  1. I-Mop battery pack
    I-Mop Features
    Lithium ion batteries made by LG 1 Hour runtime 1 hour recharge time to 80% Using 2 battery sets will allow continuous use 450mm (18 inch) cleaning width equal to medium walk behind machines 22kg brush pressure is equal to ride on machines Intelligent water usage last 3 times longer Solid Titanium Swivel joint for durability
  2. I-Mop handle
    Why Buy an I-Mop
    Replaces a Standard Mop and Bucket Leaves No Dirty Residue on the Floor Scrubs and Dries at the same Time – eliminates the need for wet floor signs and lessens the chance of accidents occurring A Cordless Wonder – no more tripping over cords Lightweight and Easy to Use, it is designed for both male and female users in mind with almost no training required Can turn 360 degrees therefore cleans in and around tight spaces with ease Time and Labour Saving – allows the user to clean as fast as they can walk Operator’s joy – i-mop puts the fun in functional with its ergonomic self-propelling design delivering the highest cleaning standards effortlessly. Statistics show that happy workers tend to be healthy workers, significantly eliminating injuries at work and expensive turn-over.
  1. I-mop cleaning Hilton Hotel's kitchen
  2. Manfacturing the i-mop
  3. How to set up your i-mop
  4. How to clean your i-mop
The I-mop comes as a complete ready to use package and would be delivered to you by CVS in the southwest where full training would be given to your staff in the use and care of the I-mop to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase. CVS are offering a fully inclusive 3 year service package with the i-mop, which includes 2 services per year, all breakdowns and parts. We are one of the limited number of suppliers for the i mop in the UK and will happily deliver in Cornwall, Devon, Bristol and the South West.